"The Institute for Workforce Education & Development (IWED) is an independent school registered with the Ministry of Education and an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) by NCTVET- Heart Trust/NTA"

A division of Manpower and Maintenance Services Ltd.


The Institute for Workforce Education & Development (IWED) is a division of Manpower and Maintenance Services Limited (MMS) and is an Independent School registered by the Ministry of Education.

Our Vision

To provide quality training and development programmes that will enhance the skills and self image of the work force and increase the productivity of the organisation.

Our Mission

To offer opportunities for technical and vocational training and personal development in a variety of sectors; enabling individuals to acquire useful skills in order to facilitate meaningful participation in the economic life of the community and the country.

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Target Audiences/Certifying Bodies

IWED’s courses are suitable for a wide cross-section of individuals,...


NCTVET/NVQJ – Certifiable programmes (10-12 weeks) include: Pest control...

Worker Lifestyle Operations

Designed for employees entering the workforce for the first time and front-line...

Workplace Professionalism

Designed for Service station Gas Pump Operators, Messengers/Couriers, Drivers, Toll Booth...

Inventory Control

Designed for Stock Clerks, Accounting Clerks, Purchasing Officers and Store...

Customer Service

Designed to prepare Customer Service Representatives or persons seeking employment in the...

Customer Relations

Designed for Cashiers, Office clerks, Waiters/Waitresses, Receptionists, Bearers,...